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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In the beginning ...

Hi Everyone: Today is the first day of my newly created Blog. I love writing and I want to share my current views and past writings with you. Reader comments are welcome.

I think of myself as a "contrarian" because my views are usually different from mainstream. I write for and used to edit a quarterly newsmagazine called The Aquarian ( It deals with holistic health, alternative spirituality and environmental concerns. Being involved with this paper has radicalized me. The articles that cross my desk have awakened me from automatic acceptance of mainstream practices.

One example is the circumcision of baby boys. Way back in the 60s, when my little boy was born, my obstetrician said that circumcision was best because it aided "cleanliness." Trusting as I was, I said yes. About 20 years later, a woman submitted an ad to The Aquarian for E.T.H.I.C. (End the Horror of Infant Circumcision -- the name she gave to her anti-circumcision activist group). After I read the article I realized that infant circumcision is unnecessary for medical reasons, and a violation of human rights. Here's the article I wrote about the subject.

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